Photography in Wisconsin & Puerto Rico

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Who is Ed Hoppe?

Ed was introduced to photography one Christmas morning, when he received a "Brownie Hawkeye" camera  as a present.

He attended Tomlinson Tech, a fully accredited school by the Southern Association of Colleges in St. Petersburg FL. After graduation, photography was the career of his dreams.

Ed enlisted in the Air Force and honed his photographic skills when he was assigned to Japan.

After Ed's unforgettable Tour of duty in the  Air Force, he worked for Fran Burn Studio in Chicago. 

Later working for Valentino Sarra, making hundreds of TV Commercials, and being very active in Chicago for years.

Photo editor for Field Enterprises Education Corp. of Chicago. Ed was the only staff photographer for 9 years.

Ed created his own Chicago Advertising Studio, clients included Whirlpool Corp., Sears, Montgomery Wards, and many others located in Chicago.

Ed's present location in Boulder Junction, WI,  was an old dream to become an avid outdoorsman, hunting, and fishing. Home away from home, is Puerto Rico. Ed has been photographing Puerto Rico for over 35 years.

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