Assignment : Ed Hoppe Photography

Ed Hoppe has a great combined ability to read into art directors layouts and has good communication skills to understand their concepts; an essential skill in this field. For nine years, Ed worked with over fifty artists, art directors and editorial personnel when he was the only "in-house photographer" for World Book Encyclopedia, Science Year Book, and Childcraft; he covered hundreds of articles and projects for them.

As Ed mentioned: " World Book was a great school for him".  His assignments during those years, literally ranged from A to Z . From Classic Cars for the Automobile article, Farms, Heart surgery, Dogs, cats, Moon rocks, Paintings for the State and Painting articles - and the list goes on... Please contact Ed by e-mail, he will be pleased to give you a quotation for your next project. A quotation can be made based on time or a flat rate if a layout is available.

Ed is always shooting in Puerto Rico when he's not in his studio in Boulder Junction Wi... He's interested in what your advertising photo needs are in Puerto Rico and would like to help if he could.  He will be in Rincon Puerto Rico as well as other parts of the island soon this year, shooting food and updating his stock photo files. He plans on visiting his clients as well as meeting new contacts.   Contact Ed for any questions regarding images that you may need, now or in the future. This doesn't need to be only based on an assignment, as Ed's opened to shooting on speculation in some cases depending on the time frame. Ed's will be contacting Puerto Rico resorts and towns ...  He has been on assignment for the Villa Cofresi Hotel in the past and will also be visiting them,  Really a nice place to be, and its right on the beach!