Duck Hunting Gun on Pond

Just about every time this shot of Eds is viewed, people ask what kind of gun it is, or who did the engraving on the gun; the answer of course was Ed Hoppe of Ed Hoppe photography was the photographer, but the engraving was done by Howard Grant a famous watch engraver for the Elgin Watch Company. Grant moved to Minocqua Wisconsin where he was going to retire, but went on from engraving watches to gun & firearm engravings … almost anything that detailed engraving was needed… engraving sports related products seemed to be his favorite. He was really a talented man. The stock for the gun was engraved by Shane Caywood also from Minocqua WI. They both have passed on and will be missed by many! The man in the background is Paul Brenner, retired from the DNR and loved to hunt ducks with his black lab Skipper.